Hello, my name is Infinity-Sky-Pool

May I introduce myself?

I am your place of complete relaxation and recreation. Let yourself drift and enjoy the dreamy panorama, then you feel the sensation of sheer endless freedom.

You float between heaven and earth, surrendering yourself completely to your own wellbeing. Time seems to stand still for a few moments. Close your eyes and listen: can you hear the gentle murmur of the water, the melodious chirping of the birds?

Now open them again: the view is fascinating and beautiful.

c_hannes_niederkofler_web-4284.jpg Infinity-Sky-Pool

You can relax on our panoramic terrace with heated sun loungers, in the comfortable four-poster beds and designer couches, read a good book, or enjoy a delicious cocktail.

The sun shines pleasantly into your face and you become one with nature.

In the evening you curl up by the fireplace in our lounge and let the day end in pleasant company perhaps by telling an interesting story or two.

I am part of a wellness oasis where everything perfectly complements each other.

I am Infinity-Sky-Pool and I will delight you.


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