The weather in Meransen

General weather

The northerly current will be stronger.

Today, Saturday 20. April 2024 Cold north wind
MIN 2 ° MAX 13 °

Clouds will predominate on the main Alpine ridge and it will snow lightly at times. Towards the south, the clouds will break up and the sun will shine for longer. In many valleys, a strong north wind will blow.

Tomorrow, Sunday 21. April 2024 Changeable
MIN 1 ° MAX 11 °

After an often sunny start, the clouds will increase in the morning and a few showers will develop in the afternoon. The snow line will be at 1000-1200 m. The wind will weaken.

Preview of the next days

General weather

Monday will be very cloudy with scattered precipitation, especially at higher altitudes. It will remain cool. Tuesday will also be mostly cloudy with few sunny spells and isolated showers. Wednesday will be partly cloudy and dry. On Thursday, sunshine is expected to predominate with some clouds in the afternoon.

Monday 22. April 2024
MIN -3° MAX 14°
Tuesday 23. April 2024
MIN -2° MAX 14°
Wednesday 24. April 2024
MIN -3° MAX 16°
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