Pet dogs are welcome at the Alpine Lifestyle Hotel Ambet

Vacationing with your Four-Legged Friends

Out in the woods there’s a huge world to explore and so many scents to track: Maranza/Meransen in South Tyrol is the ideal destination when taking your canine friends on holiday. At the Hotel Ambet, dog owners have special rooms designated for them. A number of small but practical considerations such as a water bowl and doggie towels, will help to make your four-legged friends feel completely at home.

Unfortunately, the spa area, roof terrace and our restaurant are off-limits for animals. Pets, however, are allowed into our lounge bar with a table laid out in a cozy corner. If you intend to bring your dog with you we kindly ask you to let us know in advance (when making your booking).

We charge € 23.00 per day/per pet dog.

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