Facial treatment

  • Eyelash dyeing
    18.00 Euro
  • Eyebrow dyeing

    between € 11.00 and € 15.00

    15 min.
    20.00 Euro
  • Eyebrow correction

    between € 11.00 and € 15.00

    15 min.
    15.00 Euro
  • Lift Yeux

    Nourishing eye treatment for beautiful eyes. This treatment is very cool and firming.

    Active against tears and swollen eyes.

    25 min.
    35.00 Euro
  • Anti-aging facial treatment

    This new facial treatment focuses on the essentials and what is truly good for the skin.
    With highly concentrated ingredients, this treatment supports a high anti–aging effect.

    The textures used are modern and light, and the active ingredients minutely coordinated. 

    • For all skin needs 30 years and over
    • For every type of skin
    • Designed with skin doctors
    • Suitable for allergy sufferers
    90 min.
    105.00 Euro
  • Raspberry moisture treatment (Dr. Renout)

    A true power cure with raspberry.
    The refreshing raspberry lifts the skin and ensures long–lasting moisturizing.
    All traces of fatigue are wiped away, making for a perfect short break for the skin. 

    Applications: cleansing, cleansing mask, peeling, facial massage, eye mask, raspberry peeling mask, eye cream, serum and day cream. 

    For dry and dry skin, suitable for all ages.

    60 min.
    75.00 Euro
  • Short facial treatment (also suitable for men)

    Applications: cleansing, exfoliation, relaxing face massage, face mask, eye cream, day cream.

    45 min.
    65.00 Euro
  • Full facial treatment

    Applications: cleansing, cleansing mask, peeling, vapozone and deep cleansing, eyebrows correcting,
    facial massage, eye mask, face mask, eye cream, serum, day cream.

    75 min.
    85.00 Euro

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